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An area of fat usually found on the bellys of older women who do not exersize, it can also be found rarly in some men and younger women who dont get exersize (car). It is located above the hip and is located dead center of the body usually above waistline, making one appear to be bloated or enourmously fat.
Maz:Car has the biggest foopa ever.
Dom: Dude i know, i think she beat humbaba.
Maz: Seriously, she needs to hit that gym sometime to get rid of all that fat hanging around everywhere.
Kellie: if she doesnt get rid of her excess body fat soon, ill stop hanging around her.
Dom/Maz/Kellie: Foopa doopa doompidie do. Carolines foopa is bigger than you.
by mazinelia March 02, 2007
a word that has no definite meaning.
if anything could be used to describe it, it would be something sexual. anything could be used as a description of it, but only sexually.

Heather and Lexi gave me a prime job last night. it was pretty tasty.

Lexi stayed late after swim, she was probably giving coach a prime job.

Everyone knows that Heather was giving Chris a prime job on the back of the charter bus.

by MazinElia September 19, 2007
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