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A complete shit show of a party. Mad nanichi has to be in attendence. There should be a ton of brews there for everyones enjoyment. The best beer for a brewtactic is Blue Moon. In order to be called a brewtastic the girl to guy ratio must be 2:1.
Yo ken the brewtastic is gunna be sick on the 14th.

yo mad bitties licked my balls at the brewtastic

I had about 15 blue moons at the brewtastic

EPL stay slaying at the brewtastic
by MAZA OP May 30, 2008
a whole shit load of nani or bitches in one place.
Damn epl is bring a monsoon up in this peace

its a monsoon up in this bitch

the weatherman said that there is going to be a nonsoon today
by maza op March 18, 2007
pussy or punnani it can be used to say how much pussy you get
i get nanichi every day of the week

mark sarnowski gets no nanichi

thats a dirty nanichi

by maza op March 18, 2007
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