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It's like a cool summer breeze on a hot summer night. It is like the reflection of the moon falling across the top of wet palm trees during a violent tropical storm. It is the eye in the maelstrom. It is the joker in the pack. It is like that little reminder tugging at your brain trying to warn you that at home,the iron is still on, burning, burning, burning, like that fire in your soul. It is like the ninja that creeps silently in the night, moving from roof top to roof top with cat-like precision. It is like the moment in between a wakeful state of enlightenment and the blissful state of ignorance but without all the melodramatic prose. It is as quiet as a bunny fart and as loud as a Jurassic Park DVD with a 7.2 surround system. It is like the tears of a weeping woman than just got short changed on her recent purchase of chicken McNuggets from a famous fast food restaurant suffering from a declining market share in a declining market. It is a force not to be trifled with. It is the source of all human knowledge and all human misery. It is like the place your soul goes to if you die a virgin. It is like no other game you have ever experienced. So grab on with both hands and play the game that has no end. Beat the head boss and become the master of your destiny. In the line between shadow and light, there stands only one game, one game alone, that has no peer in the world. That game is Dragon Wang. The eternal Wang. Lord of all games that has come before it. The lord of all games that will ever come, that will ever hope to come. Few players will rise to the occasion and beat Wang. Few players will finish Wang off. This is the challenge of the Wang. Can you beat it?
A few years ago, I was playing Dragon Wang in my room and my Step Mom caught me. At first I was embarrassed. My Step Mom explained to me that playing video games is a natural thing for young men to do. She told me that she herself enjoyed playing Dragon Wang herself and asked me if it would be okay, "If I watch you play Dragon Wang?" I said, "Sure." As I was playing, she asked me to beat Dragon Wang with an ever increasing difficulty level. "Harder, harder. Beat it harder for me. Yes you can do it. Don't stop, just keeping beating it," she cheered me on!

So I just kept beating Dragon Wang in front of her until I was to tired to beat it anymore. I told her my hand was getting cramped from all the gaming action. She told me that it was okay and she understood. She told me that playing Dragon Wang was "our" special secret. She told me that we shouldn't tell my Dad because he wouldn't like it if she was playing a Mature game like Dragon Wang with me. That if he found out, she wouldn't be able to encourage me to play Dragon Wang anymore. Well, I found that it helped me to finish when she watched. Her cheering me on and encouraging words made it easier for me to beat and finish the head boss! So I promised her that I wouldn't tell anyone, especially Dad. She really helped to encourage me and build my confidence. Now I can play Dragon Wang in front of an audience and it doesn't bother me at all.

I think that experience brought me closer to my Step Mom. She only watched me a couple more times after that before she decided that she had to beat Dragon Wang for herself. Eventually Dad found out that his new-young bride of only 7 months was helping his son to beat Dragon Wang. Shortly thereafter, he kicked her out of the house. I really missed her.

Ask me sometime about the official Dragon Wang add-on pack "Dragon Wang: MILF."

Multi-player Internet Legends of Fighting.
by mayhem king December 25, 2007

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