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crazy, out of control, nothing but madness. The word is exclusive to Trinidad. Usually used when there is mass confusion, when something isn't going the way it should, or when a crowd goes wild in a concert, party etc...

Aye! Allyuh shoulda seen d bachannal at de fete last nite!

Steups, is real bachannal in de government yes!
by mayaro guajiro November 05, 2006
j'ouvert is the party before carnival in Trinidad. It's the early morning "beginning" of the 3 day bachannal. J'ouvert is a french term meaning "day open." It is a fete where you cover yourself in mud/oil/anything and just party like there's no tomorrow.
Aye allyuh goin j'ouvert in de mornin? Steups, i done tired from de fete last night!
by mayaro guajiro November 05, 2006
to be a bigshot. It means to be on top. It is usually associated with music or fads. The word is used mostly by boricuas dominicanos and other caribbean islands.
esa canto esta rankeo ahora.
by mayaro guajiro November 05, 2006
to dance to the beat of reggaeton, or to get ready to fight somebody. Also used when street racing. (hitting the throttle)
Chambonear con migo mi morena.

aye guillao, estamos chamboneando porque de tus gran mentiras.
by mayaro guajiro November 05, 2006

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