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Before ejaculating whether from anal, genital or oral sex, allow your partner to cup their hands together forming a bowl. possition youself properly so that you may ejaculate into your partners hands. Now watch them drink up your semen
she wanted me to ejaculate in her hand so i gave her a homeless soup bowl
by maxir colona June 12, 2009
after ejaculating into your partners mouth, chop them in the neck forcing them to swallow a mouthful semen
she didnt want to swallow so i gave her a steven seagle
by maxir colona June 12, 2009
at some point, being the delivery man of anal sex. pull out and slap your partners ass with your cock repeatedly leaving shit splats all over their ass
all those shit smeers on her ass looked like a wall of slugs, the slug wall
by maxir colona June 12, 2009
while receiving head, wrap ur legs around her neck causing her to suficate and pass out, later waking up with a mouthful of semen
he wanted to give her a surprise for her birthday and needed time so he kkocked her out with a jon clod van damn
by maxir colona June 12, 2009

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