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20 definitions by max hardcore

This website where black niggers get together and gangbang little white girls.
Dogfart is basically bestiality.
by max hardcore January 14, 2005
251 261
A person who is half Jewish and half Puerto Rican.
get it? half jewish and half pr.
by max hardcore January 17, 2005
7 25
What black people call their kids.
Yo i got mad seed in all the 5 boroughs nigga
by max hardcore March 04, 2005
57 96
Specifically a Thai transvestite, but can be used in general to describe any Asian homosexual.
Check it out that guy's such a ladyboy!
by max hardcore December 01, 2004
109 172
a creepy chinese UFO cult. founded by "master" li hongzhi, who claims he can cure cancer with his bare hands.
falun gong people have glazed-over cult eyes
by max hardcore November 30, 2004
79 143
Korean potato liquor. Called shochu in Japan where it is only drunk by low class people and bums
soju tastes good with a meal of dog meat
by max hardcore November 30, 2004
21 193