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noun mens someone who think they are cooler than you most of the time they are not. they are made of 5% body fat. they live in soho the art district in new york city good thing chinatown and little italy so mafia an yakuzas can kill them. they also claim that they liked somthing before it was popular even if they dont like it. in plain english they are douches
me: sweet new deadmau5
hipster: i liked him before he was cool
me:shut up hipsters dont like techno
#douche #faggot #twig #idiot #gay
by mau5nation April 28, 2011
1.magazine with models and tuner cars
2. any japanese car thats been modified in terms of racing tuners are reletivley new and get a lot holy bullshit from most muscle car drivers and some super car drivers though some muscle car drivers have sympathy for us the reason is because the most abundant tuner is a honda civic which is a good car and it runs like stink when moddd but its also a good show car and one day some redneck idiot saw one of these show civics and thus the term ricer was born. ever since then if you drove a JDM civic most muscle car drivers would yell RICER! then you would shut them up by winning a race agenst them. the three classes are
normal: done some things to enigine and some things done to the exterior/interior
JDM: japanese domestics market means the car was grey imported from japan then modified to improve performance items like spare tire and jack have been removed to lower weight few things are done to the outside
not road legal: imports meant for track
dumbass: hey theirs that tuner guy driving a nissan skyline hes such a ricer
muscle: give him a chance i heard those things have turbocharged straight sixes he can smoke you if he wanted to
#skyline gtr #import #mustang #redneck #fast
by mau5nation May 17, 2011
the long rivalry between the wrx sti impreza by subaru and the evo from mitsubishi, very model they make is more powerful than the last more advanced than the last there is really no clear winner in this because sometimes mitsubishi wins and sometimes subaru wins but then off the rally stage they are both left behind by the skyline gtr on tarmac but in rally terms this could go on for a while (i prefer the impreza cheaper and a tad more power)
evo vs impreza in basics war
#rally #subaru #mitsubishi #nissan #impreza #evo
by mau5nation April 13, 2011
vtec:a ecu performance system used by honda this can only activate in 5000 rpm which takes a second or two to reach after that lets just say your little civic flies past the other guy
#vtec #honda #civic #turbocharger #ecu
by mau5nation April 10, 2011
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