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adj. -Having or marked by regard for for where to orgasm in deference to one's sexual partner.
1) I was going to climax on her face, but after much cumsideration, I decided that finishing on her stomach would be much more cumsiderate.

1) If you finish in a girl's eye, you are not very cumsiderate and may suffer a cocksequence or two.
by matzamafia November 06, 2010
n. - a vehicle dispatched to an academic institution after a well-prepared, conscientious student "kicks the sh*t" out of a test/quiz/final/midterm. An Exambulance is both staffed and driven by well-trained staff, prepared to both stabilize and resuscitate the A-graded exam.
Someone better call an EXAMbulance, because I just kicked the sh*t out of that midterm!
by matzamafia September 15, 2010
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