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To drive any vehicle on the ragged edge, but with a degree of skill and finesse as if possessed by the ghost of Ayrton Senna (God rest his soul).
Henry is really stigging it in that tractor, how he managed to negotiate that hairpin at such a speed whilst only killing 2 pedestrians is nothing short of a miracle.
by mattiojohn January 27, 2011
An area or building in which a pimp will house his ho's. Also used to comment on an individuals decorative tastes.
Yo Elvin, careful, we're stepping into Big Marcel's pimpstable once we've crossed this street


Marcus, I simply adore what you've done with the place, it's so colourful, it almost looks like a pimpstable
by mattiojohn January 09, 2011
an area in which there are a larger concentration of cocks than is normal, an above average level of dickage.


a type of framework used to support the drapery of the back of a cock-dress (basically part of a cock-veil)
'Brian, you're going to have to ask Melvin, Barrington and Ricardo to leave my house son, one is not feeling the cockbustle we have going on here, there's only so much fanny to go round'

or 'Oh Duncan, that cockbustle arrangement really works on your cock-dress, you're going to be the belle of the cock-ball'
by mattiojohn January 08, 2011
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