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marijuana of an exceptionaly poor quality.
also known as bunk
yeah, this rando hucked a sack of the brown frown into the car and told me it was nugz.
by matt L February 09, 2005
1. quality marijuana also known as nugz or dank
2. chicken nuggets or strips
1. those nuglars on friday were the shit
2. hook it up with the nuglars man i am hella hungry.
by matt L February 09, 2005
A crude term used to describe the initial whiff of the vaginal area given prior to performing cunnilingus. Also, it is something that Matt Mroch says to Mexican women at liquor stores.
"I was gonna eat the box, but when I had to smell the hole, I almost yakked hardcore"
by Matt L December 05, 2003
a shortened version of playa which is short for player which is short for player of the women.
Dude, Rudeboy Matt is a plar.
by matt L February 09, 2005

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