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a favored drink by many, it comes in a few flavors, octane 87, octane 89,octane 91 and octane 94.
Man, hook me up with some gasoline
by matt Furlani October 06, 2003
when one is put into a area where one does not make normal levels of social contacts with other people
the inmate that tried to escape, they assigned him solitray confinement for a year
by matt furlani October 06, 2003
any whinning, snivling litle kid who's always getting into trouble and thinks he/she is cool for dooing it
Dude, that kids such a punk-ass-bitch! He took one toke from a cig, and now he thinks he's a bad ass (see defenitions for those words)
by matt Furlani October 06, 2003
one who has both qualities of beeing born into the furlani family (only from birth) not marriage, and beeing a punk
Furlanavich! whaddup dawg?
by matt furlani October 06, 2003
when you see a vehicle that would be intereesting to take on a rally course or to go off roading with it
Guy one:hey, check out that crane truck
by Matt Furlani October 06, 2003
slang for internet, usually used in disgust
agh, my computer crashed, damn ubernet
by matt furlani October 07, 2003

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