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The act of taking a dump. Lightly refrenced as crapping, deucing, shiting, taking a shite.
After drinking my ritualistic morning coffee, I feel really skinny when I am done growing a tail.
by mateo r February 11, 2008
In a sense, it is purely an acronym for a future communication. Holler At Ya Boy!
-"So, we should do this again"
-"I think so too"
-"Well just H.A.Y.B."
-"You know I will!"
by Mateo R January 14, 2008
When a person is aesthetically undesireable. Not just a butterface, but not as bad as fugly.
Well she sounded good on the phone, but when we met for drinks, she was buh-tugly.
by Mateo R January 10, 2008
The location where one goes to do dirty work. The place to get skinny. Lizards have tails that can fall off. When we are making a deuce, we are growing tails that fall off. Also known as the throne, shitter, outhouse, and the john.
This morning I took my time reading the paper in the lizard lounge.
by mateo r February 11, 2008

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