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13 definitions by mateo chavez

It means brass knuckles in most American ghettos.
"Yo ese i gonna lay my brass upside that putas dome!!"
"i just got some new brass at the pawn shop dog!"
by mateo chavez August 18, 2007
2 8
Both a style and a type of music. the style is that boys were girl pants and tight sweaters and shirts. hair for both boys and girls covers most of the face and can be dyed purple,green,red,etc... the music includes popular bands like Fall Out Boy and Aiden. Usually emos are sad and depressed and some cut themselves.
"waw waw waw....sob sob sob..... my chemical romance just killed themselves. i am going to bleed my self now becuase im emo."
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
10 20
An emo band. The most un-original an gay band in an unoriginal and gay type of music. They are Michael Bolton meets Nsync with synth guitars.
Cholo: "Yo check out them faggot ass emos at the My Chemical Romance concert."

Emo fag: "Lets listen to My Chemical Romance and have gay sex!!"
by mateo chavez September 05, 2007
13 33
a badass rap band. I.C.P. stands for Insane Clown Posse.They wear clown make up and dress like clowns sometimes.
"all self repectin juggalos an thugs are down wit the clown.I.C.P. is da shit ese!"
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
13 66
A juggalo is a person who doesnt care what other people think about them. Usually fans of i.c.p. Juggalos can be goth or skater but are mostly gangster. Boys and girls can be Juggalos, its not a gender thing. Neither is it it a race thing. blacks, mexicans and whites can all be juggalos. A juggalo is someone who is "down with the clown."
preps in hollister store:"run the juggalos are coming!!"
by mateo chavez August 05, 2007
25 98
A hispanic thug.NOT a mexican, becuase pachucos hate Sur Treces. Back in the 40s they were also known as zoot suiters. Usuallly pachucos are gangsters and all of them dress like cholos.They also hate Black, Indian, and Korean Gangs.
Sureno: "fuck those lil pachuco putas!!"
Pachuco: "These fuckin niggers are trying to steal our hood."
by mateo chavez August 29, 2007
18 107