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the act of placing the man's testes in one's mouth and humming, hence the man ejaculates all over your doll-like face, resulting in spots, sometimes AIDS.
'ooh.......oh.oh...oh.OOH OOH OOH BUZZ LIKE A BEE BIATCH and take my juice. Baw Hum me mom'
by master de bates June 22, 2006
the terrifying act of sweeno sticking her jeeno in your pooch. You're fucked pal.

she comes to you in the night. You know she is there but there is nothing you can do. She performs the act of 'Sweeno-jeeno' on yo' ass. You scream. Why?


THATS a Sweeno-jeeno.
by master de bates June 22, 2006
love that hurts more than it helps
i made weezie love to my pet ferret last night cos it bit my bell end
by master de bates June 22, 2006
red flaming lips, tender to the touch, you just know when youve got an angry pussy
i once had an angry pussy
its lips were big and red
its lips were no longer juicy
cos it was dying to get fed
i dipped it deep inside her
through her tunnels where i went
and when i pulled it out again
my dick was all but spent
by master de bates June 22, 2006

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