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Widely used by l337 peoples ^_^...mostly, mostly...
Omg thats so le teh pwn.
by Master May 06, 2004
Merlina Medina
is a Genius!, she is how a sunlight.
You are as Merlina!
123456789 123456789
by Master January 19, 2005
A good fighting game that requires an IQ above 10 in order to master. Skill in this game is a rare occurance and is often ridiculed by newbies.

How good one does depends on the skill of the player, not measured in:
Capcom VS SNK 2: EO can take up to a year to get good at. Tekken is reasonable (WARNING: Depends on skill of the player, not for everyone!)
by Master May 15, 2003
The Master of Biff
Just Biff It
by Master October 16, 2003
put in my pussy
what did u putin my pussy?
by master August 05, 2003
One who uses racial comments to people who arent that race.
That guy is a farbod he just called that white guy a nigger.
by master February 25, 2005
a poet, a singer, poetry in the hindi language
the kavi licks my ass
by master October 26, 2003

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