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when you say or do something stupid or accidental someones says gimmie those or gimmie them and smacks your hand if you dont want them to you say block
you call the teacher mommy and some one says gimmie them (or gimmie those ) and smacks your hand (you have to let them unless you say block in time)
by masteerj March 16, 2008
cracker is a word for a white person. it used to mean that the overseer was coming with his whip which cracks and stupid ass white people are trying to get ofended talkin about some if you cant say nigger black people shouldnt be able to say craker talkin about some slavery is black peoples fault in the first place for sellin the white people the slaves but i bet they dumbasses didnt know that for them a slave was just a servant and wasent beaten or abused, or lynched they were owned by the family and were jus like a maid
back in the day:here go the cracker with his whip, now:one of them lipless bootyless white a-holes that think they better than everyother race and think they own the world while they getting tans wanting to be black and getting lip injections tryin to have lips like every other race
by masteerj March 16, 2008

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