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When something is weak, but more then weak.
"Fucken eh, that party was weak sauce"
by Mason Beveridge March 01, 2004
A box social is a very old form of partying. Mostly dominated by the elderly, the box soxial escaped the clutches of the old, and now are making shit loads of fun for the youth.
"You foo, do you wanna come to my Box Social?"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
Lame Sauce is something thta is more then lame, yet less then anything else
"That nice was lame sauce"
by Mason Beveridge February 22, 2004
Another word for "glasses". "Rigs" make you look smart, even if your stupider then a cold ham.
"Who to hire today Bill?"

"The guy with glasses"

"The other guy has a 4.0, why the glasses?"

"Because glasses make my company look safisticated"

by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
Skid Marks is what you get when you don't shit for a long time, then it un-expectingly comes out leaving a very foul smelling, repelling color and odor in your drawers.
"Holy shit Chris, that chick has Skiddies"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
A women that is a hard catch. Christmas only cums once a year, so why not on a good present. But you have to work the wrapping all year until that day of "christmas", when it is soft enough to penetrate the present.
"He's got a chistmas present"

"lucky bastered"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
The way canadians say "fuck"
"Did you see that, fucken eh?"
by Mason Beveridge February 23, 2004
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