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6 definitions by marytoons

I understand what you've communicated
Friend A: Please don't do that again bro'

Friend G: Gotcha
by marytoons October 16, 2010
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I understand
Friend A: I don't want ya to say anything about this. Can you wrap your mind around that ?

Friend B: Ya bro, I getcha
by marytoons October 16, 2010
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Fossil fool are those who support energy derived from fossil fuels
by marytoons January 06, 2011
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An event involving oil damage or destruction at an awesome or catastrophic scale
The oil spill in the Gulf in April 2010

see www.marytoons.com for illustration, entitled,
'Escape from Oil-pocalypse . . yet another SLiCK idea'
by marytoons May 02, 2010
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Retrocessionaire = a reinsurance company that accepts or takes a retrocession

retrocession = the transfer of risk from a reinsurer to another reinsurer

aire = a suffix that forms nouns denoting a person characterized by the stem - from French - example: millionaire
Retrocessionaire deals with liabilities insurance

Retrocessionaire deals with reinsurance

Retrocessionaire deals with - professional reinsurance, medical reinsurance, business reinsurance, other types of reinsurance
by marytoons May 26, 2009
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Revolutionary new iPhone app (not quite yet developed) that uses:

- Face recognition
- Voice & Gesture Analysis
- Behavior Metrics

to see into the souls of its subjects.
Tiger Woods - TruView soul reading states:

"WARNING : Extreme Lechery"

Note: this example may be seen at marytoons.com
by marytoons March 05, 2010
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