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High quality Hydroponic Marijuana that has ben rolled into a large joint.
Fuck this shwag, let's smoke a dodo!
by MaryJane April 16, 2003
When a man sticks his cha-cha in between a womans melons.
we 81ed
by maryjane February 15, 2003
A small, yet plump, black house cat.
marlito cordabito is talking to mister moof!
by Maryjane October 17, 2003
A red-headed step child.
i hate english
by Maryjane October 17, 2003
Circumsized foreskin, of a jewish boy.
My puetz smells like goat cheese.
by Maryjane February 28, 2005

Venice Marijuana
the thirteenth lettler is m, and m stands for marijuana. v13 origianted in venice California.
by maryjane April 14, 2003
a hoe bag is a bag made out of the hoest hoe's skin...
beth- Yo Meaghn is that a herpy on ur ho bag?
Meaghn- Yeah I think it is.
Beth- Thats nasty.
Meaghn- But it was a walmart speical.
by maryjane December 20, 2004

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