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Feeling you get the morning after throwing up/ falling over/ talking to the wall about the universe being made out of segments on account on having over-indulged in the drug ketamine.
I thought I threw up on my front doorstep last night, but when I came round I realised it was my flatmate's bed. Major regretamine.
by Maryapple May 07, 2009
The ring of white powder that sometimes makes an appearence on outside of the nostril of somebody who has recently snorted drugs.
'Don't be ridiculous, you can't attend your mother's annual fondue dinner with the priest in that state!'
'Why not, I'm not that mashed. I've only had a few lines!'
'Apart from the fact your gurning like a snake trying to swallow an ox, why don't you look in the goddamn mirror instead of snorting things off it for a change. You've got a polo on that left nostril so big I could rack myself up a line and still have some left for later.'
by maryapple May 18, 2009
A reference to the way in which those who have taken alot of ketamine begin to walk. Ketamine in large quantities sometimes renders you suddenly incapable of doing otherwise simple things like climbing stairs. You sort of feel as if you are no longer sure where your legs start and finish, and you look as if you are trying to walk through dough.
'What the fuck is that guy over there doing?'
'I think he is just trying to get into his tent, but he has major ket-legs. Watch how he wobbles but never falls over!'
'Shit, man.'
by Maryapple May 12, 2009

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