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The night in high school involving the loss of a lot of money and a lot of virginity. Underclass prom ho's agree to go with social pariahs just to get there, and in the end, it's just another awful high school dance. Prom also usually results in an epidemic of eating disorders among girls. Low-level, parent-approved prostitution: the girls get dressed up, the guys pay for everything, they get them off. Popular post-prom destinations include the shore or cheap hotel rooms.
I'm a total loser, but I can get the hottest freshman to go to prom with me!
by Mary Jane February 21, 2005
Generally associated with the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha reported that the guy she was blowing had "funky spunk", tasting like rotten asparagus. May be rectified by a shot of wheat grass, apparently.
"Hey Alice, give me a blow job."
"Fuck no."
"Why not?!?"
"Man, you've got some funky spunk."
by Mary Jane February 21, 2005
a pineapple is someone who is brunette on the outside but a stereotypical blonde dumbass on the inside.
she's got brown hair but i swear she acts like one of those blonde bitches that say the word 'like' 10 times per sentence... fuckin pineapple....
by mary jane January 15, 2004
A severely fucktarded little backwoods hick town in the middle of BFE!!!!!Mostly inhabited by fucktarded card carrying ass goblins(hillbillies).
Jeet yet? Nah, d'you? Yon't to? Awight! By god....I tell you what.
by Mary Jane October 14, 2003
1. booshk- noun- an ass, asshole, bitch, mother fucker; basically a substitution for any bad name
2. booshk- shit booshk i forgot to study!
1. You are such a booshk!
2. Booshk i forgot to study!
by Mary Jane November 27, 2003
A Fat blunt.....
Dam bro fucking pass that scooby doo or scooby snack
by Mary Jane January 09, 2004
lack of appearance at a scheduled time
The aiken was fakin
by mary jane November 13, 2002

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