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A mulatto is someone who has one white and one black parent or someone whose ancestors are also mixed white and black. Also known as half-caste or mixed race. Alot of South American countrys have large percentages of mulattos. Bob Marley was a mulatto and so is Halle Berry.
I am black but i married a white woman so my child is a mulatto
by Marvin July 23, 2004
mother fuckin ugly. in addition to the word fugly-fuckin ugly
need i express an example? it clearly says above mother fuckin ugly. if you konw what a mother is and u konw what fucking means and surly ur crusted face ass kowns what ugly means people ben sayin it to u all ur life-
by marvin October 14, 2004
v. not doing shit. sitting around bored as hell. spending long periods of time sleeping and not doing a whole lot in general.
gruner- "what did you guys end up doing last night" grey- "we just sat around and ate snacks"
marvin "are you tryna go to the club tongiht er what, cuz right now ur ass is at the snackbar"
by marvin October 13, 2004
A jamaican insult meaning a meagre dog
A: Ya head faeva bumba brush
B: Marga Dawg
by Marvin August 22, 2005
when a pansy-ass MAN is acting out of his job description and needs to be put into place.
"...stop acting like a little girl and man up, fool."
by Marvin June 27, 2003
1.) Someone who says "ehh" alot when you tell them something that would impress an otherwise normal person.

2.) A computer enthusiast whose over-zealous attitude towards overclocking usually results in broken components.
ex. 1.) "Hey, did you see that review of the new Computers"...."Ehh"...."Okay okay, don't go netting on me."

ex. 2.) "Dude, I totally netting'd this video card, it's all broken."
by Marvin January 28, 2003
kasi is the name used for South Afica black's hoods.
I'm tsotsi from kasi
I am gangster from the hood.
by marvin October 01, 2004

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