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description of appearance, derogatory. Australian slang
"he's as ugly as a bagful of arseholes"
by martin December 05, 2004
To have great design skills with an acute imagination and awareness of the arts.
This looks and sounds very innkue.
by Martin September 07, 2004
to cruise, to ride. be a rider, a cruiser
"... 20 inch lorenzo, thats tha way I cruzzo..."
by Martin March 25, 2005
Independee is some one who fights to not be in a group. (Such as grunger(THEY RULE) townie(They suk!!!!!!) skaters etc...) This back fires on them because they put themselves in a group fghting to not be in a group. Stupid eh? Oh how the world would be a happier place if we wer all grungers:)
Grunger: Are you a grunger?
Independee: *screaming and shouting not understandable by a grunger* wots d piont in trying to be like someone?
Grunger: Dude, no need to be like that. I don't care what I am, so I'm forced into the grunger group
Independee: *more confusing screaming*
Grunger: Whatever dude, you've made yourself an independee, so there's no escaping fool.
Independee: *Pulls out knife*

*Where did the grunger go?*
by Martin November 17, 2004
Casual Word for a Dog.
"Hello Kippo, Goos Boy"

"I'm taking the Kippo for a Walk"
by Martin February 27, 2004
An methodology for writing ineffective computer software that, although it probably cost the user anything, doesn't work.

Is a varient on open source software. See also 'cowboy'
It doesn't work. I bought it from Goldenhill.
by Martin September 30, 2003
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