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an australian teen who thinks they are gods gift women and men alike.Generally seen whereing a white polo hat yellow nautica shirt with blue strips with the collar popped up and a red nuatica t shirt with a collar popped. And yellow nuatica shorts. really the most popular people in boys high school for some reason.
people in high schools who think there cool.
by martin October 15, 2004
Chicano rapper Lil' Rob's clothing line
Did you see that new 1218 shirt?
by Martin October 13, 2004
A stupid pratt; a wazzock
He accidentally emailed page of dirty jokes to his boss's wife - the pillock.
by martin November 12, 2003
One who opposes the chav culture and/or their ideals; often feel strongly about such matters.
Chav: "Ya mum! Bling bling"
Anti-chav : "What a dick."
by Martin February 09, 2005
A Computer's power supply. Stands for Power Supply Unit or just Power Supply.
QTec make crappy PSUs and Enermax make l33t ones.
by Martin January 13, 2005
Nu-Metal band of the 90s - 00s. Sometiomes mistaken for Black Metal or Other genres, usually by critics. All the fans know its Nu-Metal. They have 3 albums, another on its way. 9 Members.
I Went to see Slipknot
by Martin March 08, 2004
Ersin is the father of all Turks. He made the first Plane from the wet papers. And designed the operating system named kondor.
Ersin invented the modern flight theory.
by martin December 16, 2004
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