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1.(noun) An area prodominantly covered in trees, and natural wild life.

2.(noun) A Large quantity of weed/marijuana. Usually between a half ounce to an ounce of high grade marijuana.
1. "There is a vast forest behind the river."

2. Andy- "hey yo, you should come over. I got a forest over here we're about to roll some blunts."
by martdeeze February 12, 2007
1. (Adjective)- Bammer, shitty, swag, shitty, crappy, cheesy, off-point,wack, awful,gay.
2. (noun) Bad weed.

3.(noun) A Bad experience or moment in time.
1. Mike- "Those hos are wham! One of them has camel toe and the other is a hefer."
2. Mo- "Did you get that weed from beanie mike? That shit was some wham. It was brown and contained no crystals. totally whammer."
3. Tanya- "That party last night was wham. There was no alcohol but an abundance of crackheads."
by martdeeze February 12, 2007

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