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Small coastal town in Aust-Agder (Norway).

Known for gender inequality, and an unreasonable fear of "udlendingaa" (slang:foreigners).

Both the female and male living in this town typically display bleached hair, sporting a pair of white nylon see-through pants and platform shoes of the brand Buffalo.
You know your from Arendal when:

You have a baby at 14.

You grew up your entire life planning to have a baby at 14.

You think that theres nothing wrong with gender inequality because people choose it themselves.

You think that a pair of white plastic pants, and your spray-
on tan is a sure thing in every wardrobe related situation.

You work out to become "sver"

You think that adding vegetables to any meal is gay.

You initiate five out of ten conversations by saying "Gæbbeluniz!! Å faen!!?"

When not initiating a conversation in this manner you contact people, especially "ostlendingaa" with the phrase "du!, ska e banke du ellå?"

You eat kebabs drunk while slacking of "udlendingå", not realising the irony.

You're very concerned about not being gay, but you don't like beer, you rather drink Smirinoff Ice (Smenaaff) or Bacardi breezer (Baekaedi).

You think that raising your voice is an effective way of winning an argument.

Arendalitt: All the criminal foreigners should be sent out of the country!
Ostlending: That's kinda inhumane
Arendalitt: All the criminal foreigners should be SENT OUT!
Ostlending: Doesn't that violate some rights?
by martdawg86 February 08, 2010
A person who can smell crime before it happens.
Criminal: How did she know I was gonna rob that bank?
Police officer: She didn't know, a ragnhild nose
by martdawg86 February 08, 2010
Usually an african who has escaped to the northern parts of europe due to the massive pressure of having a big penis.

And altso often shows a compulsive lust for cheap groceries
Woman 1: That guy has such a big penis, but allways buys the cheap groceries...
Woman 2: That makes sense, he's a Zenawi
by martdawg86 February 07, 2010

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