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"caf", pronounced like "calf", stands for "Creepy Ass Fuck", as in, someone who is extremely creepy and lacking in normal social skills. cafs can be either male or female. cafs like to overdose on drawing and viewing anime characters, overuse the phrase "epic fail", and most recently, have been seen hanging around theatre auditoriums and public chatroom sites. they generally do not smell good, and are rarely seen moving from place to place (they are usually just sitting at their current location). cafs like to call themselves names of inanimate objects, like "noodle", or "ketchup", and ask of everyone they meet to be called by their preferred "nickname". cafs blatantly like to blurt out random facts, as if they were part of a "bing" commercial. both males and females put as little effort into their attire as possible, rarely change their outfits, and usually smell pretty bad.
i was standing next to this really smelly, creepy dude in line for harry potter tickets.
oh, you mean a caf??
by marshalltheatre May 04, 2011
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