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a topic on urbandictionary.com that has been used to discuss the pros and cons of ipods between viewers. Besides it is too expensive and the only reason it has more sales than any other is because people are stupid
read all of the other entries to see what i mean
by marko April 14, 2005
Broom(N): Long, thin handle with brush at one end, used for sweeping floors clean. Not too difficult to understand, eh?
"Get a broom, sweep this floor."
by Marko November 12, 2004
When someone fucks a prostitute doggie style and then proceeds to donkey punch her knocking her unconcious thus not having to pay. And while exiting the premises you yell "the price is right, bitch!"
"While attending a bachelor party in Vegas I "Bob Barkered two whores in one night." "The price WAS right!"
by MarkO June 11, 2006
Floor(N): (1: Very large place where lazy people put thier stuff.
(2: Place indoors where people walk.
(1:"Where's the remote?"
"On the floor."
"Where's the stove?"
"On the floor." <lights go out>
"Where's a torch?"

(2: "You walk on the floor"
by Marko November 11, 2004
ne, nema sanse da se isplati
ah, marketinski trik
by marko April 12, 2005
Bracelets made of a rubbery-type material that are worn traditionally on the wrist
They are in no way related to sex, and if they are, that has nothing to do with me wearing them, so screw the media and that piece of trash Dr. Phil
by Marko April 20, 2004
I'd just like to make a note that Deranged, the source of definition number 12, well he's right.
He is! He knows what he's talking about
by Marko December 27, 2004

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