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2 definitions by markied85

When one person initiates a group text message where many sub-conversations grow and overlap, sometimes causing individuals to text over each other.
Multitextversation with 10 people:

Person 1) Hey!
Persons 2-10) oh hey!
Person 4) Oh hey Person 7, I havent seen you in a while!
Person 5) Oh hey Person 7, I havent seen you in a while!
Person 7) I know right? How's your dog?
Person 4) She won first prize at the dog show last week!
Person 5) She died last month :(
Person 7) This is totally awk.
Persons 1-3, 6, 8-9) Totes.
by markied85 February 27, 2012
Someone who goes to beer fests, beer-bar openings, and other craft beer promoting events, and spends the night drinking bud light or blue moon. Basically wants to seem cool by attending said events, but probably couldn't tell you what a Saison is or name a stout other than Guinness. Similar to a "Pink Hat" but craft beer related.
At the latest beer festival, featuring 1,000 brews from 200 awesome craft brewers:

Guy 1: Hey man, you see that dude over there getting his third sample of the summer wheat? They have an Aged Imperial IPA for chrissakes!
Guy 2: What a pink tap. He's the reason these things are overcrowded.
by markied85 July 26, 2012