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A fucking awsome Bob Marley song
Buffalo Soldier, Dread Lock Rasta there was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
a language formed by rap gad Snoop Doggy Dog
fo shizzle nizzle (for sure nigga)
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
A fuckin awsome rapper and all the dick riders who wrote other definitions can suck a dick
i take u 2 the candy shop
one mo taste of what i got...
by mark zeman June 08, 2005
When a person dresses sluty or something then you ask to take em home and they say i'm not that way
Guy:Damn girl your fine, come home with me
Girl:What do you think just cuz im not wearing underware I'm a slut
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
best music in the world only dumb ass mother fuckers don't like it
people who don't like rap suck
if you don't your a dumb fuck
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
One who rides a dick also see cock jockey
dude you r a dick rider
by mark zeman June 10, 2005
a reference to roots used to describe someone who is pussy whipped
Andrew:dude,your pussy whipped
Lee:yeah Toby
by mark zeman June 06, 2005

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