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Someone who does not tip at the strip club until the buffet is giving out free ham sandwiches. He then takes the dollar bills and puts them in the chefs apron instead of the girls. He is a slob with a limp penis.
Eric never gave a tip to a stripper until the buffet served up some ham. He is a real ham tipper.
by Mark Sil February 16, 2006
The nuts that swing low when letting someone smoke your bologna. Usually on a warm day when the baby makers are hanging long.
John does not like fish. John would rather have an order of chin bumpers with a side of cock sauce.
by mark sil March 01, 2006
Someone who hits a jumbo bucket of balls at the range then thinks he is Tiger Woods.
Chilli went to the dome and hit a jumbo bucket last night. This guy is definitely a Jumbo Tiger.
by mark sil February 23, 2006
A hole between the ass pillows, sometimes with a little shit stuck to it after running out of toilet paper.
Hoss, a truck driver, can't reach his ass to wipe because his stomach is friggin huge, so he is left with a Brown eye.
by Mark Sil February 16, 2006

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