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Great genre of music.
Fast and hard makes you feel good.
DJ's/Producers include hixxy, scott brown, sharkey,sy,vibes,dougal,gammer, unknown,weaver,clsm,stargazer,breeze,styles....
Great cds include the Bonkers collection and hardcore til i die.
lets listen to some happy hardcore.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004
The heart of Manchester United.
One of Uniteds Greatest players.
One of the worlds best midfielders.
Strong and brave footballer.
Great irish international footballer.
Roy keane captain of man united and irish international player.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004
Irish police force.
Every single one is corrupt and backward.
A bunch of gansters and chickens who pick on small inocent people.
Call the garda i was robbed.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004
Celtic FC the best team in Scotland.

hahaha go on the Celtic.
by mark ireland April 21, 2004

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