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Yeehawd - the American Christian militia's version of jihad. The person carrying out the Yeehawd, is a Yeehawdist.
Yeehawd/Yeehawdist. See that peckerwood over yonder - the dude in the mullet and the camouflage leisure suit? Well that there's Booby Earl - the militia's most dedicated Yeehawdist. The Yeehawd is a-comin' soon, I tell ya!
by mark e. d'sade August 23, 2009
Thai bar girl slang for a Japanese male customer.

1. Four inches
2. Four minutes
3. Four thousand Baht (Thai currency)
three fours:

Bar Girl: Tonight I lucky. Have man Japan - three fours!
by mark e. d'sade August 24, 2009
damentalist - an extreme religious zealot who takes all the fun out of fundamentalism.
See that guy ranting in front of the strip club? He's a damentalist.
by mark e. d'sade August 11, 2010
Chinese slang translation for a pretentious, but inept, caucasian, practicing Tai Chi in front of God and everyone
White Man Waving Arms In Park

Wong: (not impressed) That's not Tai Chi. That's just some white man waving his arms in the park.
by mark e. d'sade August 24, 2009
The large, protruding blob of flesh that joins a woman's stomach and vagina so that they become one.
I wouldn't say she's fat, but she does have a big gunt.
by mark e. d'sade August 23, 2009

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