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5 definitions by mark e. d'sade

Yeehawd - the American Christian militia's version of jihad. The person carrying out the Yeehawd, is a Yeehawdist.
Yeehawd/Yeehawdist. See that peckerwood over yonder - the dude in the mullet and the camouflage leisure suit? Well that there's Booby Earl - the militia's most dedicated Yeehawdist. The Yeehawd is a-comin' soon, I tell ya!
by mark e. d'sade August 23, 2009
8 2
Thai bar girl slang for a Japanese male customer.

1. Four inches
2. Four minutes
3. Four thousand Baht (Thai currency)
three fours:

Bar Girl: Tonight I lucky. Have man Japan - three fours!
by mark e. d'sade August 24, 2009
3 1
damentalist - an extreme religious zealot who takes all the fun out of fundamentalism.
See that guy ranting in front of the strip club? He's a damentalist.
by mark e. d'sade August 11, 2010
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Chinese slang translation for a pretentious, but inept, caucasian, practicing Tai Chi in front of God and everyone
White Man Waving Arms In Park

Wong: (not impressed) That's not Tai Chi. That's just some white man waving his arms in the park.
by mark e. d'sade August 24, 2009
7 9
The large, protruding blob of flesh that joins a woman's stomach and vagina so that they become one.
I wouldn't say she's fat, but she does have a big gunt.
by mark e. d'sade August 23, 2009
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