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Hibou's are half-owl, half-human and are pure myth, or so most people think. Hibou's have the ability to summon owl's and shoot owl's out of their armpits and hands. They also shoot their droppings at people and their favourite food is rat. Hibou's diguse themselves as music teachers and will kill you if you don't listen.
Hao gave Mrs. Heroux the finger during music class so she transformed into a hibou and shot owls at him.
by mark adams May 04, 2006
Is one of the most powerful people on the earth. Everything about him relates to the letter "X". He has an X penis in which he can only have sex with himself because the X penis(which is shaped like an "X") only fits in the X ass, which only he has...therefore he is asexual.
Eugene X had sex with himself and created X clones.
by mark adams May 04, 2006
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