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504 definitions by mark

Verb~ when a women gives it up easily and nasty with little or no effort on the guys part.
Bubba that chick is righteous... she pulled the train and all I did was take her to McDonalds'.
by Mark January 26, 2005
x3 is another way of <3, also know a heart.
by Mark August 04, 2005
the biggest loser rapper that ever lived.Everyone thinks he is sooooooo great. WEll guess what he ISNT!!!!!he is disliked by me and a loser named ryan.I cant rap for crap. but ill have u kno that he SUCKS. he is the biggest gay rapper every. HE is a wansta and he is just plain bad. SO to my conclusion, jadakiss is the biggest loser gay, crapy rapper , wangsta, retarted, stupid gay ever. ANd everyone on this page likes him..well i got news for you..HE SUX..he is worse than mark bellhorn and that is saying alot.oooooooooooohhh low blow.
jadakiss is a horrible rapper
by mark April 24, 2005
Jadakiss is the biggest loser that can rape. He cant even rape. HE is the biggest gay on this earth. I hope he dies. He is also one of the biggest wangsters ever...even bigger than JA rule. Thats a big insult. Jadakiss is hated by a loser names ryan. And i hate jadakiss and he smells like farts. You know what..you losers talk about he is a real gansta..well u losers are so fucking gay. SO to my conclusion, Jadakiss is the biggest gay, wansta, crapy raper that every was given the title a raper. ANd he is worse than mark bellhorn. low blow OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH.
Jadakiss is the biggest loser on the planet.
by mark April 24, 2005
gay, homosexual,
wow that guy over there is goofy. he does men
by mark December 28, 2003
A young russian person who thinks hes all cool and stuff. Usually new in the country.
Yo, look at that Russ over there, thinking hes all cool with his tight black Armani jeans and his fake tight Hugo Boss shirt!
by mark November 14, 2004
Just another mediocre emo and stoner band. Fans with too much pot and too little life think they're the "best band EVAR!!!1!1". They are not.
Emoboy: Weezer is playing tonight!
Emogirl: We should totally go!
Emoboy: We can't. I don't have any weed.
by Mark April 22, 2005