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whats her face, you can go to the thrift store, or junkyard.

these clothes smell like grandma.
by marjorie June 04, 2003
The alternative to LOL, LIH stands for Laugh in Head, because usually people are not actually laughing out loud while instant messaging.
Hey that was kind of funny ... LIH!
by Marjorie June 16, 2005
me, marjorie, i monitor lines.
the girls stred at me from the line i was monitoring, because i am the line monitor
by marjorie June 01, 2003
well known as tater-tots
hey andy, would you stop eaitng my hashies?
by marjorie June 01, 2003
my favourite band, ever. theyre not touring anymore. its kinda sad.
hey warren, i had another dream about taking back sunday. it was kinda sad.
by marjorie June 02, 2003

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