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someone renowned or reliable for stealing all your time.
Cam: "yeah man I'll be over in 5 minutes" *80 minutes later*

"oh yeah sorry man, I just started talking to my mom on the way out, I am leaving right now!" *35 minutes later* "my dad got me to help him unload his truck right as I was about to leave, I'm just gonna walk the dog and I'll head right up... Is anyone else there yet?"
Victim:"DUDE, everyone is here! wtf, come on!"
*25 minutes later*
Cam:" oh hey man, yeah, I totally forgot I already made plans with jen the other day... I gotta go to this movie tonight, so I cant come chill, you guys should just hold onto my share..."

Victim: ...

Victim: *SIGHate you* gad damn, you time bandit!
by marinade August 15, 2010

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