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The official name for the wavy puncuative line demonstrated thusly: ~. Otherwise known as a tilde.
I wish I could understand the Spanish language. It just has too many accents and twiddles over the N's.
by Maria April 05, 2005
The most appropriate interjection expressed when exerting a great deal of physical effort.
Man. I wish I didn't have to go to class right now, because my bookbag is so heavy. Time to pick it up. *Goolag!* Now I'm ready to go to class!
by Maria April 05, 2005
greasy person who i never h/u with. I can do MUCH better. he just started jacking off in front of me and then tried to kiss me with his iraqi tounge that was prob. down his dads throat
iraqi bomber
by maria February 22, 2003
What you become to your friends when you drank too much at the wedding.. they are red and green!
by Maria January 28, 2004
Where I would like to live, where I want to go to college. THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!
I will go to London someday and meet Daniel Radcliffe!!
by Maria January 09, 2005
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