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The Word means a fat sweaty asain and is a form of the word Douch
If someone makes fun of you then say back "NOUCHE!!"
by Marcus Jensen October 27, 2006
a scientific definition using the douche as its stem, but using an N to replace the D to give more of an effect on how you say it (nnnnnnnouche or nnnnnnnouches). It means a fat sweaty asain.
When someone makes fun of you or and/or calls you a name, respond back by saying "NNouche"
by Marcus Jensen October 27, 2006
its a phrase used when something to you has just been done that u thot was dumb or weird. Also if something isnt going ur way u might say this phrase
(your mom just told you to clean your room)(you would say)
"k cool real mature"
by marcus jensen August 15, 2007
a phrase said when something weird has happened, your waiting for something, someone tells you do to do something you dont want to or other things like that
"Honey, go clean your room!" - mom

"k cool real mature" - you
by marcus jensen September 02, 2007
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