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16 definitions by mar'scorpio

cops, pigs, the law,copper,the fuzz, or any one who ruins a good time.
that was fun as hell till that dick biter showed up.
by mar'scorpio February 17, 2010
to spread seminal fluid. some interpretations of hebrew lead to this as the true meaning of the" anointed one".
if i were god i would anoint her right now.
by mar'scorpio February 13, 2010
pronounced 'chores'

a compound word for cunt whores defined as
a woman that needs to be done that you may or may not want to do but feel compelled to do it.
sorry man, I cant go with you tonight. I got cwhores to do.
by mar'scorpio February 03, 2010
slang for a witch.derived from this quote:
"Women are Angels and when someone breaks our wings....we simply continue to fly.........on a broomstick... We are flexible..." author unknown.
I had this relationship. things started out real good and she turned into a real broomer.
by mar'scorpio February 03, 2010
A DRW who takes multiple loads of semen up the ass and pushes it out . May or may not be combined with a chocolate frosty.
After the orgy last night she was a chocolate frosty machine.
by Mar'scorpio July 20, 2009
dirty rotten man whore
for every DRW there is an equal but opposite DRMW.
by mar'scorpio February 23, 2010
somewhere you go that prolonged exposure to can and will result in injury, death, imprisonment and or an STD
a place where evil dwells.
that is the last time i got to satan's closet. that place is off the hook.
by mar'scorpio February 17, 2010