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Many people love him, others hate him. Axl is a controversial person. He is known as the rocker who is always late.
Axl has talent.
Axl is the best!!!!!
by Mar September 02, 2004
The phobia of blood.
I fainted at the sight of the blood pouring out of my arm, I must have hemophobia.
by Mar August 28, 2004
a breed of cat that is closely related to the ragdol cat
Callie is a ragamuffin.
by Mar April 23, 2005
Abbreviation for Andrew W.K. To "AWK some shit up" means to party hard and destroy everything. Term popularized by the Giving Chase crew.
"I'm drunk as fuck, let's AWK some shit up!!!!!!!"
by Mar April 07, 2005
shit! damn! oops!
fuckin a, man, i lost my car keys
by Mar January 02, 2004
when a guy fucks a girl in the ass, cums in there, and another girl shoves a straw up in there an sucks it out.
They shrimped all night long.
by Mar December 18, 2003
a Swedish word used to describe an incredibly sexy, vulgar and physically talented individual. A reem is always envied and desired by others who are not able to reach reem status as well as those who are.
Snap son, that stripper is such a reem.
by mar December 28, 2004

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