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Another word for PWND/OWND, BURNED, SERVED or any variations there of.

In reference to Steven Jobs and what they used to say when he would fire then out of anger back in 1997 when he rejoined apple.
"OW You kicked me in the nads!"
by Mao December 05, 2007
buddhism + business
this is one of the most interesting things to learn about the modern asian world, especially japan.
buddhisness is the business which lets the priests of big buddhist temple's gain incredible wealth, basically through donations.
mao: thanks a lot for this amazing dinner and the clubbing this evening. how could you afford such an expensive lifestyle?
priest: i'm a buddhist priest, you know. today's buddhism is like a usual service business. a temple lives primarily from donations. the largest amounts are contributed at funerals. so the more people of my religion that die each month the better for me. one may call this buddhisness ;)
by mao November 26, 2007
When you go somewhere with friends and you all pull out your MacBook's.
"Dude Im hungry, lets stop at Tijuana Flats to eat."
"Eehh, Im not. But Ill stop. We can MAC attack that bitch!"
"Hells yeah! I got my Mac!"
by Mao December 22, 2007

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