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4 definitions by manyak manok

In filipino, someone who really likes doing the deed all the time. As in anytime of the day.
Si juan mahilig sa kantutan..KANTUTERO kasi!....
by manyak manok February 19, 2005
17 9
in japanese, filipino kabit.
si juan di makuntento sa isang babae.meron na naman siyang bagong kulasisi.matinik talaga!
by manyak manok February 20, 2005
9 5
a term used by pinoys to describe someone who fiddles his own member...
play with ur member,then u can think of an example.
by manyak manok February 19, 2005
14 17
in sex jargons, FUBU means fuck buddy.
hey,why don't you find yourself a FUBU for a change?
by manyak manok February 19, 2005
24 38