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To be as cheap ass as you can be when buying a product with no regards to where it's made, how it's made, or how the people who made it were paid and treated.
Shopper's friend: "Hey, check out these nice S&M BMX frames.....they are U.S. Made and dope as fuck!"

Shopper: "Yeah, but Dan's Comp sells this Eastern frame for only $250 and hey, it's on sale for an additional $50 off if I buy it today!"

Shopper's friend: "Stop being wal mart about it and spend the extra cash to get a good quality U.S. Made product....yo!!"
#cheap #frugal #inexpensive #thrifty #shoddy
by manual63 April 15, 2013
A programmer who doesn't really know how to code. Google search is their main source for finding out how to do something while they hack in a solution. They are usually from the tech boom before the bubble burst, mid to late 90's, and they were hired during a time when companies didn't really care if you could code or not.....or at least they didn't do a very good job testing people's skill or looking up their background to see if they knew what they were doing.
John: Why is this code so poorly written?

Bobby: Ah, that was Carl's work, he is a google coder!
#coder #programmer #geek #google #developer
by manual63 November 26, 2012
Using your phone, tablet, or laptop while sitting on the toilet taking a dump.
Some guy was in the stall for 30 minutes. He must be shitbrowsing.
by manual63 March 07, 2016
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