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A typical Gringo who is quick to blame his "misfortune" of not having a job due to a hard working latino having the job the red neck won't do anyway.
Its good thing that some American'ts are unemployed,because if they all worked like George W. Bush,
we would all be FUCKED!!!!
by mansil July 13, 2006
The only thing that would make a gamer choose a macintosh over any other OS,due to game developers not wasting time on making games for a paper weight system ...a MAC.
win user:Hey bro,did you install that game on your system?

mac user; No, Im still trying to figure out why i spent money on a web based system ,when i already have a cell phone to play online games.
by mansil July 13, 2006
When a cuban or other refugee jumps off from the boat or raft to swim the last 1/4 mile to get to the U.S.
yo,that guy just had a cuban bath,and now he is on his way to Krome ave.
by mansil July 13, 2006

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