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Slang for writing old.
I grabbed her hair and gave her the ole one-two one-two.
by manseba September 07, 2006
Verb- To be the active partner in any given anal sex relation.
Lysa bought a leather belt with a penis to poop push Mike.
by manseba September 05, 2006
A combo meal that you can have when you don´t any have money. An empty tray with a little cup of water.
She: -Hello, welcome to McDonald´s. How can I help you today?

Me: -I´ll have a McNothing, no cheese and no ice, please.

She: -Sure, it´s $0.00

Me: -There ya go, thanx.
by manseba September 05, 2006
An eliptic way to refer to drugs & booze.
When you get to town, call Lynda, she´ll get you the ole D&B.
by manseba September 07, 2006
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