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A crazy guitarist with an insane sense of humour. He unserted random sound effects and funny lyrics into his songs, and this guy could fucking shred
I have a message to deliver to the cute people of the world...if you're
cute, or maybe you're beautiful...there's MORE OF US UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS OUT THERE THAN YOU ARE!! So watch out.
_Frank Zappa
r.i.p. you crazy bastard, you will be missed
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 10, 2005
The mad, mad, macabre musician making many mother cry as their children bob thier heads and grow thier dreads. Former front man of the 80's shlock rock band White Zombie, he has moved on to greater and more mad things.
Brah1- You heard the new Zombie track?
Brah2- Hell yeah, that mothafucka's crazy
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 15, 2005
In friend there is an R that stands for real, without the R its fiend, a merciless demon only wanting to destroy you.
You aint no friend, you's a fiend dog
by ManoftheDiaspora June 21, 2005
Essentially the Jimi Hendirx of blues. Considered by many to be one of the most influencial guitarists (Blues or otherwise) of all time and the undisputed king of blues.
He and Jimi collaborated on a few songs, and if he were dead, he would be considered an equal to the late Jimi Hendrix.
His birth name is Riley King, but changed his name to Blues Boy.
Greatest guitarists of all time (in no particular order)
Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Slash, Zakk Wylde, Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, Randy Rhoads and ummm....Jesus
by ManOfTheDiaspora May 06, 2005
A tasteless telivision network that is in fact the reason for many of the problems of Afro-American society. It supports stereotypical views of us blacks, instill bad grammar and sloppy dress.
It also causes many of my unghetto ghetto dwelling peers and myself to get many frustrating questions
BET is the antithesis of the African Diaspora and negates and nullifies everything our ancestors were
MeltswingMM2000: our pround black heritage, the african diaspora has taken a backseat to hiphop culture and BET
MeltswingMM2000: wtf...BET is owned by white people...
MeltswingMM2000: not to make any kind of racist point
H CheeseSandwich: whoa
MeltswingMM2000: BET is what is currupting our culture
H CheeseSandwich: thats all we had left! why cant they get....WET?
MeltswingMM2000: i say fuck bet
MeltswingMM2000: luckily...
MeltswingMM2000: we have a channel called TVOne MeltswingMM2000: TVOne is a tasteful alternative to BET
H CheeseSandwich: oh
MeltswingMM2000: i am offended by black people who give me heat about the way i talk and that i dont watch BET
MeltswingMM2000: you know what, D
MeltswingMM2000: we should learn Swahili and Mandinka
by ManOfTheDiaspora April 22, 2005
*coming from a proud black male*
1. A nigger is a person of dark skin that fucks shit up for the rest of us proud African/Jamaican/Haitian americans.
Characteristics: Laziness, Ignorance, Racism, Belligerence, Cleptomania and an all around urge to just do dumb shit
2. A derogatory term used by racists to demean Blacks, though there are other cases of other races, but i shant get into that as of now.
3. One who "nigs"
Random Human - Hey, why aint cracker censored when nigger is, that shit is damn fuckin racist!
Me - Okay , look brother, the reason that nigger and cracker arent considered equal is simply that the word nigger was used for hundreds of years to deman black people and was often shouted when whipping, working or shooting to death a slave. The word cracker more or less came into popularity when whites were just fucking up, personally, i don't believe in degrading any race, just dislike individuals of said race. Cracker, moreover was formed combat the words nigger, coon, tarbaby...dbro there is a page of derogatory terms for blacks and less then seven for whites...
RH - Wow, you is an articulated nigger
Me - Goddam cracker
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 07, 2005
Pornography in spam form, the only bona fide way to make junk mail fun
I was delighted to find "Bitches sitting on beef worm" in the subject bar of my most recent email, oh, happy day!! I have revieved sporm!!
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 03, 2005
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