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The period of time beginning at the end of the Use Your Illusion massive world tour. This period of time is still open as GNR has not retired.... yet. After UYIWT Use Your Illusion World Tour the band once known for comprising rock legends like Slash and Gilby Clarke, started to disintegrate. Axl Rose, the only member from the original lineup who is also known for his severe anger issues, started to have discussions with everyone for everything in the band. One by one, the band said:


Slash: (Infuriated because Axl Rose put Paul Tobias guitar over Slash's Guitar) Axl wtf is fuckin wrong with you man, I'm your fucking guitarist, I'm the best fuckin guitarist in the whole fuckin universe and you put this fuckin n00b to play instead of me, wtf is fuckin wrong with you sob!

Axl Rose: You fuckin asshole how dare you fuckin talk to me that fuckin way you stupid prick. You should be grateful I gave you a fuckin spot in GNR you moron you should be fuckin sucking my balls.

Slash: You know what Axl, fuck you, fuck your band, fuck your fucking UYIWT you wouldn't be here if it weren't for me. I am tired of this bullshit go fuck yourself.

(*SLAMS DOOR* Gets the fuck out and goes start a new project called Slash's Snakepit, which is very succesful).

Matt Sorum: (about Paul Tobias sayin shit bout Slash) Yo Axl how the fuck can you allow this fuckin n00b of Tobias to say shit about Slash? Slash made us famous man, Slash was the fuckin star of the UYIWT wtf you should kill that fuckin n00b.

Axl Rose: Well Mr. Bigshot I'm too good for this shit and I can tell axl rose wtf to do, this is my fuckin band, Tobias is my fuckin guitarist, Slash is no longer my fuckin guitarist, from the minute Slash left that fuckin door, anyone can say shit bout him even fuckin Tobias. But you are a little son of a bitch who think's "I'm better than Axl Rose so I can tell this bitch what to do". Well, guess what asshole, you are not. Get the fuck out of my fuckin band. From this fuckin moment on, your ass is fuckin fired.

(Gets the fuck out of GNR).

Duff McKagan: Hey Axl man, look we are cool and everything, but man, this aint the same without Slash and Dave so man I can't work like this you know?

Axl Rose: I have 13 words for you: If you want to fuckin leave get the fuck out then asshole.

(Leaves GNR leaving Axl Rose as the only original member of the band).

(Slash, Sorum, and McKagan grouped with Stone Temple Pilots' lead singer Scott Weiland to form Velvet Revolver. Band that at the moment is very succesful).

(Axl Rose thinks that he can still make songs like November Rain sound good without the members who made it famous and with his voice that as of 2006 sounds awfully bad.

DISCLAIMER: I consider GNR to be one of the fuckin best bands ever in the whole world. I like their work from 1993 to the past. However, when Axl Rose got greedy and cocky, it was then when all started to come down. I agree, Axl Rose is a great singer, and he was famous 'cause of that. But nowadays, his voice it is just not the same. Same shit with the current members. They cannot take Slash's, Sorum's and McKagan's place. Word of advice for Axl Rose: Die with dignity man, retire today, and be remembered as one of the fuckin best bands of the 20th Century.

Guns N Roses After 1993. I believe GNR was a great band until 1993. After this year, however, Axl Rose's ass got cocky and with a feeling of "Im the fuckin best and everyone can blow me". This led to the eventual downfall of GNR. The most similar thing that nowadays resembles GNR is Velvet Revolver. It is just like Rage Against The Machine. Three of the original members left the group to join Chriss Cornell of Soundgarden to create Audioslave, band which enjoys great popularity.
by mannyalvarez August 04, 2007
Meteora is a Studio Album released by the American band Linkin Park. This cd was released in 2003, and it featured 13 tracks completely original by that time. From the 13 tracks of the disc, 4 of them were promoted in radio and television. These tracks had a music video produced by the band members together with Warner Brothers Records, Linkin Park's Sponsor. These 4 tracks are in the order of the disc:

#3 - Somewhere I Belong
#7 - Faint
#9 - Breaking The Habit
#13 - Numb

Even though some tracks from this album were not made as popular as the ones named above, most fans refer to them as some of the best the group has ever produced. A vivid example is the tenth track of the disc: "Session", which is completely instrumental.

After Meteora, Linkin Park experienced an almost 4 year hiatus. During this period of time, the band separated to start other projects of their own, but they released a new album on April 2007, titled "Minutes To Midnight".
"Meteora" is Linkin Park's third studio album.
by mannyalvarez July 28, 2007
the final test to get in the afterlife university.It is worth 100% of the grade and you have like 80 years to study for it. you only have one chance to take it and the worst thing is that it is a popquiz cause u never know when it is coming.
dude 1: yo bro did ya study for death exam? dude 2: naw im not dying anytime soon. piano falls over dude 2 dude 1: were you telling me?
by mannyalvarez August 06, 2007
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