36 definitions by manny

a guy or girl that doesnt share a hoe's pussy and they eat it like a pig
zack is such a vagina piggy
by manny December 04, 2004
1) Small stuffed animal.

2) A saucy Puerto Rican who touches said stuffed animal inappropriately.
Mommy, Zlade's at it again!
by Manny July 26, 2004
a female that likes to perform fellatio on men.
I met a pepper pig last night at the club. She sucked me down like professional.
by Manny September 24, 2003
Da babe who's da bomb. The primavera lambchop babe.
G, I was with Gloria last night. She's the beezsneeze. Whatta babe.
by manny August 14, 2003
kiss my ass
I am tired of all your schiznitz, you due about five poun' of kizzmaazz, sucka.
by manny August 19, 2003
The greatest user in all of GameFaqs, he is also known as Manny and is known for his incredible "I will piss you off" attitude. His pwnings of several FESBians are incredible. He is god, nuff said.
His pwnings of msm
His annoyance to StD
He is loved by many like
Magus, Dart, Steve, Jen, Cyan, and many more.
by Manny March 02, 2005
It is also inhabited by the great LegaultTheAssassin another annoying user in there who has trolled and suicided many times, how dare they forget him on the above definition.
LegaultTheAssassin = The most cruel and sexiest annoying user on that board, whatch out for him.
by Manny March 03, 2005
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