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The process of sitting on your non-dominant hand until it's numb and then using it to masturbate thus giving it an otherwordly, phantom-like quality.
Dude, Sheila's been pissed at me for weeks. I've had to resort to giving it the ol' Alien Hand in order to see any action.
by mannimal May 18, 2009
When your girlfriend or wife or gay lover sucks your balls during a blow job.
Does Suzy have two nuts in her mouth?

If you mean my testicles then yes, she has squirrel mouth
by Mannimal October 03, 2014
Similiar to the stinky pinky, gopher holing is the act of placing one's finger in the anus, either your own or your partners, and later having the unmistakable urge to take a quick sniff of the finger later, sometimes repeatedly.
The idea of sticking my finger up her ass, even after she asked for it was off putting. But later I found myself gopher holing out of sheer curiosity.
by Mannimal October 02, 2014
When you have an incredible an irresistible urge for an ass itch from a roid flare up or swamp ass (residue left from a lack of a good wipe after dropping a deuce) and a manual clearing of the ass is needed. Most often this is expressed with a surface scratch on the outer layer of the pant. But on occasion, when no one is looking, and only when necessary, it is a full in hand on ass scratch free for all.
I ate taco bell tonight.

"yeah, so?"

I needed to the hit the head afterwards, but I mustn't have gotten it all because now I find myself Trouser plowin trying to get at the leftovers.
by Mannimal October 02, 2014

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